Man gets impaled by 2000 toothpicks

Milford, Pennsylvania’s annual toothpick fest kicked off this Monday. A ton of festivities were held including the famous 10 minute toothpick sculpture competition. Winner, Dean Sanchez, had an overall score of 9.1/10 which apparently is a world record. The closing ceremony (held Tuesday) is a prestigious event. Some of the best toothpick sculptors around the world are invited to join the festivities. One of the main events is the well-known toothpick canon solute. In which several  cannons fire of cannonballs made completely out of toothpicks.   Each “spherical” cannonball is made out of approximately 3500 toothpicks. Sadly this year’s TP-Fest (not toilet paper festival) didn’t end too well. Our lucky winner Dean’s son got out of his sight for just a minute. Next thing the crowd new Dean’s son was running between the cannons. Dean’s natural instinct was to run after his son before the canons went off. Sadly he doesn’t have the best timing. The cannons went off and so did he. Over 2000 of the toothpicks pierced his flesh. Eye-witnesses reported saying he looked like a “human porcupine”. Luckily toothpicks are only that long. Dean is currently recovering in the hospital. I guess he should be happy he didn’t go to the New-Jersey’s skewer fest.


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