Anal probe in Jail

This is a momentous day here at Theorizm. Why? You might ask. Well it’s our first ever post. Sweet!

Yesterday at 12:35 pm prisoners were shocked to see a new inmate collapse with pain in the prison showers. Jason Olson recently convicted for the murder of two young girls was sent to jail for life. Just a few days after his sentence he reported being abducted by green  men. The guards ignored his accusation because frankly they have heard stranger things. A few more days past where he complained of pain in his nether regions. At 12:35 Yesterday afternoon paramedics were called to the scene. Was it just a case of  “Dropping the soap” or did something really probe him? After further examination his doctor found a 1cm x 2cm squire was lodged up his anus. The device was emitting a bright green light. Further investigation is currently taking place. We will let you know if any new discoveries are made.

2 Responses to “Anal probe in Jail”
  1. Just Jen says:

    OMG! You are too much!! You wonder why we are friends? It’s because we were cut off the same rock. Just many years apart!!

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